A home renovation project becomes more expensive and time-consuming due to product shortage. Homeowners are experiencing longer shipping times. The required items for home improvement are often out of stock. Sometimes there is no indication of when these will be available next. So, homeowners who are planning to renovate their homes should plan accordingly.

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As people are spending more time at home, the demand for home renovation increases. As a result, the construction industry is facing skilled labor shortages like carpenters, electricians, and plumbers since the last years. The situation will not change this year too. So, shortage of labor will influence the cost as well as the time of the home improvement project. 

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Supply chain issues will be the main challenge for the homeowners who are planning to renovate their homes in 2022. Because supply chain delays will extend your home improvement timeline as well as escalate the costs of materials. Besides, inflation and shortages of labor are some other major challenges that should be considered during home renovation strategic planning at this time.

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In this situation, home improvement requires more thoughtfulness, patience, and cash. Due to supply chain delays, homeowners have to wait for materials. Sometimes they cannot start renovation work until all the materials are on site. But they can find some sort of task that can be done in this period. They can reallocate the tasks to utilize the gap time efficiently.