As the world continues to adapt to the post-pandemic business landscape, companies face new challenges and opportunities. A study conducted by Deloitte highlights the importance of industry conferences, remote and hybrid work, and the role of Chief Diversity Officers in navigating these changes.

Industry Conferences and Remote Work

With remote and hybrid work becoming more prevalent, industry conferences are gaining importance as a means of networking and knowledge sharing. Companies are also adjusting their internal events, adopting hybrid approaches, and integrating clients into these events. As work-from-home (WFH) and video conferencing continue to impact travel decisions, businesses are evaluating the replaceability of various travel use cases by technology.

Work-From-Home and Future Workplace Flexibility

Travel managers expect the future workplace flexibility model to have 3.2 times the WFH days compared to the pre-pandemic frequency. Internal training and team meetings are considered most replaceable by technology, while client acquisition and rapport-building are seen as less replaceable.

The Rise of the Chief Diversity Officer

In a Q&A with Melonie Parker, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is discussed, along with the challenges and opportunities of navigating the post-pandemic business landscape. Companies must prioritize diversity and inclusion to stay competitive, and the role of the Chief Diversity Officer is expected to become increasingly important in the future.

Shifting Leadership Approaches

Leaders must adapt to the changing business landscape by shifting their focus from individual leadership to networked leadership teams, from earnings to sustainable and inclusive growth, and from exercising authority to empowering and unleashing collective energy. This shift requires a more open, collaborative, and emergent way of working, focusing on delivering value to all stakeholders. As companies transition to new organizational models, leaders must undertake inner work to shift their mindsets and reimagine their organizations and industries.