Direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses rely heavily on digital marketing for their success. By utilizing various digital channels such as email marketing, mobile marketing, and web and ad optimization, businesses can engage with their target audience in a direct and cost-effective manner. To provide relevant and valuable experiences, it is crucial for businesses to understand their customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors.

A Comprehensive Guide for DTC Marketers

This guide includes fast time-to-value use cases that have proven successful for leading brands. It covers acquisition-boosting campaigns, conversion-driven campaigns, and customer retention campaigns, among others. By following these best practices, businesses can effectively navigate the challenges of digital marketing during a recession, when cutting marketing budgets is a common response but can be detrimental to long-term success.

Maintaining a Consistent Digital Presence During a Recession

Switching off digital marketing efforts during a recession can lead to long-term negative effects on brand awareness and customer loyalty. Digital marketing is more flexible and cost-efficient than traditional marketing, making it a valuable tool for businesses during tough economic times. By narrowing targeting strategies and using marketing budgets effectively, businesses can maintain a consistent digital presence and continue to drive revenue.

Create Memorable 3-D Marketing Assets with Blender

Advertising drives up to 80% of revenue for many US companies, and creating appealing and memorable ads can significantly increase revenue. The Complete Blender Bundle is a $35 package that teaches businesses how to create unique 3-D marketing assets using Blender, a popular open-source 3D creation suite. Although the bundle is geared toward game design, it can also be used for advertising purposes.

Unlock the Potential of Blender for Your Business

The bundle includes a 14-hour course on the basics of modeling, Blender interface, animation, and model wrapping. Businesses can learn to build their own animated characters and low poly landscapes for advertising purposes. Additionally, Blender can help businesses create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for digital art and collectibles. A lifetime subscription to the 2023 Complete Blender Bundle is currently available for $34.99 (reg. $655), offering a cost-effective way to boost your business’s digital marketing efforts.