Gen Z prefers flexibility and independence which will also reflect while changing the workplace. Accessible technology and modern office spaces will be the main features of the future workplace. Instead of spending busy time, they choose a meaningful work environment that can make a difference in the world. 

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Now business companies are emphasizing remote work options as a norm that can maintain a healthy work-life balance. These workplace changes will also influence the overall economy. Employee productivity will increase which can ultimately accelerate economic growth.

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It will be the year of automation, to minimize the gap in productivity businesses should continue to invest in automation. To overcome talent shortage issues business companies, need to digitize basic functions. 

Challenges to face

As businesses are now more concentrated online, cyber-fraud becomes a growing issue. It will also be a big challenge to face for the business in 2022. To tackle this online threat, business owners have to enhance their cyber-security measures.

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Many lingering effects of the pandemic will experience improvement this year. Though it is tough to face full resolution, gradual improvement will be implemented over the course of 2022.