Due to the world economic situation, it is hard for people to invest and make a profit. So, here are some investment ideas that involve little to no risk.


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High-yield saving accounts

Banks offer saving accounts where you can keep money and at the end of a time period you get some interest out of it. By finding online, you can look for the perfect investment banks. One catch is that the amount of money can vary from bank to bank.


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Short-term certificate of deposit

This is one of the deposits that have no chance of losing money. As banks need money to provide it to other investors, they open schemes for other people to deposit money, with an incentive or return back of the money with little interest.


Corporate bonds

Companies also require money to run their business. So, they offer bonds for people so they can invest in them and make a profit from them. Also, sometimes they are known as junk bonds.


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Fixed annuities

This is a type of contract, that is made between a company and a person, where they make an understanding on investing a certain amount of money. In return, they get a bit of the interest that the company made.