Usually, people look for small-term investments. Investing for a long time can profit you a lot at the end of the time. Here are some great, and safe long-term investment ideas.


This is a self-explanatory term for the investment—the price of gold increases over time. One of the downsides of investing in gold is, you cannot have a monthly return on gold. But this can be very much profit generating after a long time.

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Many stocks can help you generate profit in a short time. But they do not have big returns. If you go for a large amount over a long time, you can get a larger return after the stock matures.

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Real estate

This is another investment idea that is very much rewarding after time. Any kind of real estate is profit-generating. If you buy empty land in a particular area, it will increase in an amount over time for sure.

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Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits have a different time to mature. Long-time deposits return a large amount. Also, different financial institutes offer different schemes for fixed deposits. Moreover, if you wait for long, it can return you double or triple the amount that you had previously invested.