COVID-19 has changed the ways we are living and working. A variety of new workplace strategies are introduced to manage the workforce effectively. New trends and rules are influencing the hiring process. Employees and laid-off workers need to follow some new trends of different companies. Here we are explaining the ways coronavirus is changing the workplace.

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The increasing rate of layoffs and unemployment

After the pandemic, the unemployment rate is rising worldwide. Many people in different sectors become unemployed. Especially the workers from restaurant and tourism sectors became unemployed due to long time shut down. But the good news is some sectors are booming after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many online stores are scaling up their business. There is a huge demand for tech-based virtual jobs. Online service sectors are experiencing high job growth.

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Employer initiatives

Many companies like Uber, Walmart, Instacart have expanded the list of benefits. They are providing sick leave and paid time off. Some companies like Amazon introduced relief funds for contractors and service partners.

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Time for online job searching

If you have not started yet, focus on online job searching. It is the new trend. Now, most of the companies are handling the application process remotely. Try to improve your virtual networking abilities, especially on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Instead of being frustrated keep continuing your job search. During the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism and recreation industries are freezing or slowing down. However, some sectors like online marketing, content creation, and tech-oriented sectors are booming. They are hiring several candidates to run their business smoothly.