Nowadays the modern world is moving towards keyless technology. Carrying a key is a hassle and you have to face many difficulties when the key is missing. But the keyless system makes your ways smooth and easy. You don’t need to remember where you keep the key. Here we are trying to explain the pros and cons of the keyless system.

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Pros of keyless entry system

As you can assign a specific code to each user in the keyless entry system, it allows you to monitor access to and from your home. If you are a person who often loses the key, this keyless entry system can be the best option.  

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You can also use a voice-activated system that can respond to a voice command. It is very convenient to use. Anyone who has a clear voice can use it without any hassle. Comparatively, it takes less time. The evolving technology is making our life easier. As a result, we can invest our time in more productive work.


Cons of keyless entry system

But in case of technology failure, this system can be a hassle instead of being an opportunity. Those who have problems with remembering codes may face trouble while applying this system. It is also comparatively expensive than a traditional deadbolt lock.

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There are also some drawbacks to the voice activation system. As it is a software-based system, it has some limitations. It often fails to understand the contextual relation of human words which can create an untidy situation. The misinterpretation of words can be annoying sometimes. As the device can capture voice recorded data, there are some challenges related to data privacy. The users should be more concerned about private data while using this type of modern technology.