AI is now the hype news around the world. People are considering the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is so powerful that tech inventors, policymakers, and governments are now thinking twice before taking any decision about it. So many people have also predicted that it would consume the job sectors in the future. But some of the jobs cannot be taken by AI.


This is a job that requires human emotion and dedication. AI can be a great educator. Still, it cannot replace a human being. Only a human can engage with another human in a way that can transfer knowledge and other human qualities.

Credit: thestar

Lawyers and Judges

A lawyer pleads his case, and the judge provides judgment upon the act of the parties. No matter how much knowledge an AI stores, only a human with a judicial mind can provide judgment to an offense.

HR manager

When the job is to take care of the employees and look after them, it was never an even playing field for AI to take the position. Only a person with human emotion can be an HR.

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A leader can lead the nation to their best potential. A human with efficiency, a leading mindset, and charisma can do so. So, AI cannot take that position.

Credit: nytimes