A recent survey revealed that 37% of supervisors tell “white lies” while 30% of associates and 28% of entry-level workers do at least once a week. The survey also explored that 32% of supervisors lied to associates and 34% lied to subordinates.

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Though a white lie is considered inoffensive, it isn’t entirely harmless. The psychologist Romeo Vitelli said in one study, “researchers established that prosocial lying was most likely to occur due to the fear of causing emotional harm with negative feedback. Even when other factors such as the emotional state of the rater were taken into account, the link between compassion and lying seemed particularly strong.”

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The most common lie told by managers is about budget restrictions. They might use this excuse to squash an idea for a new project. Sometimes they use this strategy to turn down a subordinate’s request for a salary raise.

Lying about limited-time is pretty common across the company culture. Most of the time managers ask the workers to complete the task as soon as possible as they have no enough time. It is the second most popular lie for managers.

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In a corporate environment, it is very essential to keep transparency. If there is not enough space to communicate clearly there would be no opportunity to exchange feedback. It will be hard for both supervisors and subordinates to help each other to achieve the business goal.

More or less all professionals in every sector maintain this culture according to this survey.  lying in the workplace is common. It is more especially true among managers. This truth may help you in your career.