Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path

Consumer services is a rapidly growing area, and it can be a popular career path. There are many reasons to seek out consumer services jobs at companies such as banks, hospitals, and departmental stores. The job outlook is good. Salary increases are expected in the future, as well.

But before you consider a career in consumer services, it’s important to understand exactly what your employment opportunities will be and how you’ll be paid. Answering these questions will help you decide on whether business careers (such as those involving finance and marketing) or other options make more sense for you.

Is consumer services a good career path:

  1. Career Path:

-someone who works in a bank, a hospital, or a department store must be on their feet all day

-they must be able to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. They need to know how to deal with all different kinds of people.

-they must have the ability to quickly adapt and move on when an unusual situation pops up.

-they must be able to sell products and services clearly and effectively in print and broadcast media. -they must have the ability to market consumer goods and services effectively, using media to get attention.

-they must be able to create new techniques for advertising and marketing products and services.

  1. Salary:

-first-year salary: $8,100-$12,000 (full time)

-over time: approximately 12%, on an annual basis. This is about a 2% raise every six months.

  1. Job Outlook:

-great job opportunities ahead for someone who works in this field.

-there’s a shortage of people who have the right skills and education to work in this field.

  1. Future Salary:

-expected to grow by approximately 2% per year.

-plans call for 80% of growth in the consumer services field to occur in other markets, and the remainder in consumer services.

-more jobs will be available as time goes on, and as more people decide to work in this field.

  1. Supervisory: 

-there is an annual turnover rate of approximately 25%. That means more jobs are available to job candidates, and employers can hire new employees at any time.

-no supervisory requirements exist in the consumer services field.

  1. Working Conditions:

-the average day for someone who’s working in consumer services is standing, and not sitting all day.

-they must be able to think on their feet and be creative in adapting to new situations.

-they must be good at dealing with people of all kinds and have a strong work ethic. They need to be very persistent if they want to succeed in this field.

  1. Advancement:

-generally, there’s no advancement in the consumer services field.

-but it’s possible to move into other fields, after working in consumer services for a while.

  1. Skills Needed:

-a thorough knowledge of customer service skills is needed to work in this field. That includes a lot of training and experience.

-the ability, to be honest, is important, too, because the consumer services field involves selling products and services for money.

-people who work in this field are often self-motivated.

  1. Employers:

-generally, the largest employers of people who work in consumer services are banks, hospitals, and department stores.


  1. Courses Needed:

-a, bachelor’s degree is required for entry into this field.


Now that you have some information about this career path, you can determine whether it’s right for you, or not. If it is, you should check out the training and school requirements to see if you can qualify, and then do so. If not, move on to another career option and explore a little more about it before making your final decision.