Retirement is a hard time for anyone. No matter how much money you have got, it often feels that you lack safety with it. So, to keep your money growing, here are some ideas for after-retirement investment with lower risk.


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Invest in a house

There are people who have a house already but invest in real estate to grow their money. Investing in the right property will always show you the face of revenue. You can be a landlord by renting the house, or selling it when the price goes up.


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Certificate of deposit

There are many banks that offer a type of savings account where you can invest a gross amount of money for a certain time. After the time expires, you get the money back with a decent amount of money as interest.



There are multiple types of bonds. But they work in the same way. Bonds are like deposits, but the amount of the money and the time is significantly later. Also, the interest rate is huge.


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Alternative investments

There are often small businesses that are not associated with banks of other large companies. Investing in those small but lucrative businesses can be a good idea.