Investing in a car is a great way to generate passive income. There are many ways to do so. If you own a car and have enough to invest in another one, you can generate enough resources monthly to run a business of your own.


Credit: thisoldhouse

Derive door-to-door for various services

If you are someone who has lots of time on your hand, you can deliver so many things to people’s doors on their demand. There are various delivery systems that help one to have an income of their own on a small investment.


Share lifts

This also works if you are free during the day or at night. Like Uber, you can share lifts with other people who need to be somewhere. This is value-adding especially if you go to places and take lift requests from people near you.


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Use your car for advertisement

This might sound silly, but using your car as a billboard is a good idea to earn some extra money during the day. This passive income only requires a car to take place.


Credit: caranddriver

Renting your car

If you are someone who does not usually use your car or have another spare car in the garage, you can rent the car for other people to use. This way you can earn some extra cash from the car that was just sitting there.