It’s not easy to secure rental offers, especially if the house is situated in a big city like New York. Here are some interesting things that have been offered by the renters to make the deal for the apartment.

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Providing essential data

Renters collect reference documents from past landlords, employers, colleagues, and even educational institute teachers. In addition, some of them offer financial information to prove that they can pay the bills every month. Most of the properties do not allow a pet. In case they do, the renters also provide the pet data.

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Offer something extra

Many renters go extra to prove their ability to be the best renter. To stand out from other applicants, many people offer a large amount of security deposit to convince the homeowner. Other people provide renter’s insurance. These are to make the owner understand that they can pay the high monthly rents. In addition, many of them are known to barter various deals like free merchandising to sports tickets.

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Demonstrate that they are the perfect one

Most of the time, property owners are dealing with fussy and rude renters. Many prospective tenants present them in a manner that shows that they will be the perfect renter for the apartment. So, well behavior and decent manners are important to impress the landlords.