US microchip maker Intel has apologized to China for the letter they shared to advise the suppliers. The letter urged suppliers, not to source products or labor from China’s Xinjiang region.

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The company’s letter sparked criticism in China. It also calls for a boycott of that tech company. The letter suggested the suppliers not to use labor or source goods from Xinjiang. As China has been accused of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, many governments have imposed the same restrictions. Recently the people of this region have brought an allegation of forced labor and genocide. This place is known as the home to many of the country’s Muslim Uyghur population.

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Recent research also showed that China was forcing minority people into manual labor in a cotton field. However, China government has repeatedly denied all the claims. Intel has shared a statement in their official WeChat and Weibo accounts. They wrote in the Chinese language, “We apologize for the trouble caused to our respected Chinese customers, partners, and the public. Intel is committed to becoming a trusted technology partner and accelerating joint development with China.”

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Intel said that the letter was an expression of compliance with US law. Because President Joe Biden has signed a bill. According to that law, they need to prove that goods imported from China’s Xinjiang region have not been produced with forced labor.