As the mortgage for the house is getting higher and higher every day due to the disrupted economic system, many people are having a hard time buying houses. But there are alternative ways to buy houses that are relatively cheaper to purchase.


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A fix-upper house

A fix-upper house is a property that needs a lot of requirements after purchasing. As the house needs a lot of work, this type of house sells at a lot cheaper price. If you can input some work and investment in the house, a fixer-upper house is perfect for you. You can reduce the price of the renovation if you are willing to work for the house. Some DIY projects can help reduce the cost.


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Model houses

Model houses are the kind of houses that were made for showing houses to clients in a major neighborhood. They are the show houses that provide an idea about what the other houses in the area are going to be like. After most of the houses are sold in a particular area, the model houses get sold. As they were in the market for a long time, those houses get sold for a lower price.


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RV is a large car that is turned into a living space. This comes in handy if you are a student or living alone. This is beneficial for some people as they are constantly moving from one place to another. They get the ultimate scope of living in a small space. This can be a bit rigid, but it is financially saving. There is no tax on living in an RV. But you have to invest to customize the RV to live in.