A good mentor is essential to shape your future career. A good mentor doesn’t help you to face day-to-day workplace challenges or perform your daily professional activities. Rather a good mentorship will guide you to achieve your long-term goals. That’s why you need to build a long-term relationship to gain career development. Mentorship is a good combination of wisdom, guidance, effective connection, and career development.

Mentor relationships are beneficial for both mentees as well as mentors. Mentees can get vast knowledge and guidance from mentors for career prospects while mentors can develop a future leader based on their experience. To gain the most value from your mentor relationship, you need to maintain the following steps.

Accepting advice

Receiving and accepting advice is the first thing you need to be prepared for while developing a mentor relationship. Your mentors will provide guidance as well as suggestions to make a better professional environment. As a mentee, you have to keep an open mind to listen and follow feedback. Your mentor may provide advice regarding your performance, priorities, and decisions. You must accept any constructive critiques to improve your career growth positively.

Being honest

To build a good mentor relationship you must share your preferences, capabilities, feelings, and concerns with your mentors without any hesitation. Because your mentors can help you when they know your lack and limitations. So, building a trustful relationship is a must for better guidance. When you tell your mentor practically all the issues you face, he can guide you effectively to develop professionally. So, try to build an authentic connection.

Performing the work

Just listening to the advice is not enough. As a mentee, you need to do the work. Otherwise, your mentor will lose the interest to provide encouragement and guidance. You must act for career development. You have to recognize your challenges to complete the suggested objectives. Try to research independently to gather in-depth knowledge before applying the advice. You also have to keep the relationship private.