If you are worried about your phone battery and have to recharge it repeatedly, here is good news for you. Because IBM and Samsung claimed that their new chip design can save week-long battery life on phones.  They have announced their latest advance in semiconductor design: a new way to stack transistors vertically on a chip (instead of lying flat on the surface of the semiconductor).

Credit: networkworld

Tech giants IBM and Samsung said that their new Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistors (VTFET) design chip compatible with the current FinFET technology. This technology is used by the most advanced chips. This chip is densely packed with a transistor. Because it is capable to stack transistors vertically. Instead of the side-to-side horizontal layout, it allows the current to flow up and down. Currently, the side-to-side horizontal layout has been used for most chips.

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Vertical designs for semiconductors are the current trend in the tech industry. Because many major techs companies including Intel are designing their future roadmap in this direction. In this initial stage, every tech company is trying to focus on stacking chip components.

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Earlier this year, IBM has shown a different route toward cramming more transistors. They are trying to scale up the amount so that they can fit it with the existing FinFET design. Intel’s gate-all-around transistor also owns the FinFET production technology. It is a part of Intel 20A generation of semiconductor products which is scheduled to start production in 2024.