HS2 has agreed £2bn deal to build the fastest trains manufactured in the UK. For this reason, HS2 has signed a contract with Hitachi and Alstom. It is expected the train service will be available from the end of the decade.

Credit: sky

It will be a high-speed network of trains that may create 2,500 jobs in the UK. The deal is to build 54 trains with 225mph. These trains will be produced at Hitachi’s plant in Newton Aycliffe. Later these will get the final look at Alstom’s Derby and Crewe sites.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said, “Today’s announcement places Britain firmly at the forefront of the high-speed rail revolution with a billion-pound investment in state-of-the-art trains serving communities right across the country from London to Glasgow.”

Credit: railtechnologymagazine

Secretary also said, “Not only does this show we are getting on with delivering better and faster journeys through our plans to upgrade the rail network, but this is also another landmark step in the delivery of HS2, sustaining 2,500 jobs and leveling up employment and leisure opportunities for generations to come.”

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This new project may promote Britain’s rail revolution. With European high-speed network expertise and the Japanese bullet train technology, this business initiative may introduce the fastest, quietest, and most energy-efficient trains in the world.