The transition back to the workplace after a maternity leave might be quite challenging. As you are returning to the workplace after several months, it may seem to you a little bit uncomfortable. You also have to adjust to the official timetable that you have to follow during this leave period. It can be also a matter of stress when staying away from your baby for a long time. So, it is quite difficult to adjust to the workplace after enjoying maternity leave. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally difficult for an employee. Here we are suggesting tips for going back to work after maternity leave.

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Take some preparation

Maintaining both office and parenting at the same time may not be good for you either as a parent or an employee. So, try to split your time according to your office working hours. It is better to do some practice, during the leave period when you are at home. You can do some advanced work to make the first day in the office comfortable.

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Contact the HR department

To make the transition smoother you can send an email or call your Human Resources (HR) department to consult the best date to return to the office. Try to know all the other important information that you need to rejoin the office. They can suggest to you all the good-to-know details and recommends any paperwork if required.

Consult with your boss

Reaching out to your supervisor is the best way to plan your return. You can share any schedule changes you require due to childcare, pumping or anything else during a casual lunch or coffee catch-up with your boss. It will be an opportunity to know more about new projects that can help you to feel re-engaged with work.

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Furthermore, get ready for your return and prepare yourself mentally. Set a childcare plan and make arrangements for the daycare of your child.