Painting an outdated garage door can give it a new look. Additionally, it is a low effort and low-cost renovation which can change the outlook of the garage. Here are a few simple steps to painting a garage door.

Credit: distribudoors

Choose the correct paint

The right type of paint will increase the durability of the paint. For this purpose, identify the type of material used in the garage door. Different types of materials require different types of paint. Furthermore, checking for suitable weather is also important. Because sunny or dry weather is good for ensuring the durability of the paint. 

Wash and sand the garage door

To clean the dirt and residue on the door, wash the whole door with an appropriate cleaner. After drying it properly sand the parts using an appropriate sanding tool. A door made of wood will require sanding paper or a paint scraper.  

Credit: compaandoor

Tape the areas which don’t need paint

To protect the locks, and screw joints, you have to use protective tape. These tapes can prevent the paint so that it cannot reach those places. Painter’s tape can be the best solution for this job.

Use primer

Primer is the first layer of paint that can hold the actual paint. Think of it as a foundation for any sort of infrastructure. Using 2/3 layers of primer is good enough for the garage door. If there are any cracks or faults, make necessary repairs in this stage.

Credit: artisandoorworks

Paint the door

Finally, apply the color you choose for the door. Try to use gentle motion and an appropriate brush to paint the whole door. Apply a minimal amount so that all the parts get a similar thickness to the paint. You can apply 2/3 layers to increase the thickness of the paint. Let it dry for several days.