If you are considering a change in your career, won’t require you to leave your current employer. You can make this change within your current company. Because when you move within your present workplace, it is more comfortable and helpful for both parties. So, a career move within a company might be the right choice. Here are some tips for you.

Rethink about it

After thinking about a job change, it is wise to wait for a while to recheck. Before making the final decision, review whether the job you’re in still motivates you or not. If your job still fulfilling enough and allow you to develop your skills, try to utilize them. Because when you leave your current job, you have to start all over again.

Seek for a promotion

If possible, try to make your current job more rewarding and challenging. If not feasible, you can look for a promotion. Through promoting to a new position, you may get new responsibilities and earn more money as well. If you are ready for it, you can consider the chance. For this, you have to work longer hours with full dedication. When you can bring great results to the company, the management will consider a promotion for you.

Work on a short project

Performing different short projects may help you to bring a diversity of skills. It is also a way to feel refreshed without making shifting to a new job or role. The variety of work also can enrich your resume. It allows you to take a new role and prove yourself. Though it is temporary, it is a great way to show your initiative and capabilities to your managers.

Find a less stressful job

If you feel uncomfortable with the current job responsibilities, you may try for a less responsible position in your company. Your company may be wonderful and you have to explain the understandable reason to your employer to move down the promotion ladder. Explain to them that you need more hands-on work to do instead of organizing other people to do it.