Dealing with a bad boss is always challenging. This type of boss is always focused on their needs instead of achieving team goals. The person will always ignore employees’ good ideas and feedback and tend to criticize employees in public. Here we are presenting some tips that may help you to dump your bad boss with full professionalism.

Keep a record of any toxic behavior

If possible, document all the negative behavior of your boss. The document should include all the negative events and behavior associated with your toxic supervisor. Preserve these records for any future purpose. Especially you may need these documents before your resignation or exit for a new job.

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Never complain about your current job

No employer likes to hear complaints about previous managers. It is also not professional to share any negative comments about your current job during the interview. Rather try to be ready to answer the reason for leaving the current job.

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Before your resignation get the references

It might be difficult to obtain a reference when you have a bad boss. They may become more difficult when they come to know that you are trying to quit. In this case, you can discuss with another supervisor of your company whom you can share. Sometimes it is wise to consult with the human resource department to manage a reference from the company. There must be some person who can understand your value as an employee.

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Quit without advance notice

Quitting without advanced notice might be the easiest way to avoid your toxic boss. But no-notice resignation can be tremendously burdensome for the company. In this case, try to make short-term notice. Inform your boss and coworkers that you are ready to do everything you can to help them. You can offer a short training that might be helpful to handle the tasks after your resignation.