When you lose your job, it can be really devastating and can take a toll on your overall mental well-being. For most people, losing a job equals loss of income and most importantly, losing a core part of ourselves. As many experts believe, this feeling of grief after losing a job is completely valid. But the first thing you must remember is that it can happen to absolutely anyone and is not necessarily a mirror of how you are as a person. You may lose your job for a few different reasons but you should embrace this opportunity to grow and change your career path. So here are a few ways to cope and move on faster from this hiccup.

Grieve But Never Dwell

This one doesn’t need too much explaining to do. You are allowed to feel this way and it’s perfectly normal to do so. However, do not wait too long to make new plans as this may lead to a difficulty in getting a new job once you decide to get back on your feet.

Take A Quick Breather

The emotional and mental stress you just had to go through was tough enough, so you are entitled to a small vacation to unwind and release all that negativity. But treat your vacation as how you would when you schedule a leave with your employer so you can immediately bounce back to your routine when you return.

Don’t Take It Personally

So you lost your job and are now trying to get back into business, but the problem is that you keep getting unanswered job applications and interviews saying “We’ll call you.” Don’t get offended and don’t let this stop you from applying to more jobs. Keep in mind that you are searching for not just a job but a position that provides enjoyment and comfort.

Light That S.O.S.

When a person loses a job, it’s essential that they be given encouragement as this is a tough time for them. They may seem lazy or uninterested when you talk to them, but keep in mind that they may be exhibiting signs of depression. Talk to them and make them feel that you truly understand the loss and maybe even try to lighten up the conversation by talking about things they are passionate about.

It’s not easy for people to encounter this loss, so a little bit of empathy goes a long way. These hitches are all a part of life so as Mariah Carey once sang about, just shake it off!