Women are now earning more than earlier time. But not all jobs are offering the same opportunities for working women. Here we are presenting some high-paying careers like health care, law, management, and tech jobs for women.

A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that women now earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men which is 20 cents more than in 1979. BLS report also mentioned that various lucrative careers bring in high salaries for women.

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This career is one of the most high-paying professions for women. As pharmacists have to possess a degree related to pharmacy. They also need to get a license to provide advice on medication usage. Most pharmacists perform in grocery and drug stores.

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Information Systems Manager

It is another dynamic and challenging role that women can play in a company’s IT department. The main responsibilities are to devise, coordinate, implement, and analyze data of organizations. They need to deal with both software and hardware. Sometimes they have to work on web design and database development for establishing better strategies.

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Nursing is a great profession. They have to coordinate patient care along with physicians. Nurses have to serve both primary and specialty health care. This profession requires an advanced degree in the related field and a license to practice.