The technology giant Google has recently decided to initiate an interest-based user-tracking system. But many technologies expert have criticized this step of google. They think this ad-cookie replacement decision will not be a challenge to maintain user privacy.

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Privacy advocates and regulators are expressing their opinion against this replacement decision. Because now third-party cookies can use people’s browsing history. It will help them to target ads that then follow them from site to site. However, Google said that they have decided to restrict the number of websites the third party can have access which commands about 65% of the market share.

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Floc (Federated Learning of Cohorts) is a way to keep the users’ individual identities confidential. For this purpose, they are working to disguise users’ identities by compiling them into a group or flock who have similar browsing histories. But now Google has decided that Floc would be replaced by Topics. They said that it is a similar system that would group users in topic clusters. There would be about 350 categories like fitness or travel.

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Digital marketing expert Farhad Divecha said, “It didn’t make sense to most advertisers, who aren’t technical data analysts. The system was met with a lot of criticism when Google launched it,” He also said, “and it largely felt like a half-baked idea Google prematurely pushed out the door in response to changes in advertising and privacy. The past year has made it fairly clear that Google still isn’t really sure of the best way forward.”