Parents’ positive influence can boost children’s confidence. While making a career choice, it is very important to involve your kids in decision-making. Because most of the time the career is shaped by the adults in a child’s early life. So, family members need to be aware of the opportunities to help the young generation to prepare for their future career life.

Share your career story

When you tell the journey of your career life, your child will get the motivation to develop his or her unique journey. You can create a timeline to show the ups and downs of your life. Tell them about your learning process and struggle in work life. You can also share the job that fascinated you or the person who inspired you the most to select your career.

Watch an inspiring movie together

You can explore and develop career awareness through movie watching. You can watch a movie with your kids and later discuss with them the characters and their lives of that movie. Try to explain the different lifestyles of the various profession. In this way, your children may learn about different professions around the world.

Influence your kids to take a decision

Decision-making is a critical part of our life. Career planning also requires the right decision. It needs time, practice, and experience. Try to involve your child in the planning of small family events. Offer them to make choices and make sure that their views are carefully considered.

Build awareness among children

You can play a game with your kids where they can think about different occupations and roles. Encourage your child to make a town with a Lego block or they can draw a city where citizens are performing different occupations. Discuss with them about different professions and the necessity of those professions.