People usually don’t give tech items to tech-savvy guys. What if they don’t like it, as they are so serious about tech? Here are some tech items that would be very much appreciated by the Tech lover people.


Credit: pcmag

Virtual reality headset with full configuration

Any tech-lover person would love this gift. A full set of virtual games is a dream for many people. There are multiple game sets in the market to choose from. Try to go for those high-tech smooth and high-resolution sets.


Credit: techsavvywomen

Gskyer telescope

Although this is not fully a tech item, the person you are gifting to it would like it a lot. This is a telescope that is equipped with so many modern features that they would enjoy its company. This comes with powerful lenses which makes it more appealing.


Credit: pymnts

Levitating magnetic Bluetooth speaker

This is a simple Bluetooth speaker, but the special thing about it is that it floats over the base. This speaker is equipped with lights, which makes it more liable for people who love to enjoy music in calm situations.


Credit: ingenico

Neck massage pillow

For any tech-savvy guy, a neck massager is the most important thing a person could give them. This is comfortable for long sitting in a chair.