While preparing a successful job application, you have to consider formatting as an important step. Because a recruiter gets several applications against a position. The hiring manager may spend few moments reviewing your application before moving on to the next. So, it is very essential to prepare a concise and simple resume that can be skimmed easily. Here are some tips for you.

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Make it easy to navigate

The average time for scanning a resume is 25 seconds. Most of the hiring managers will move onto the next application if they find any resume too difficult to navigate. That’s why it is very important to ensure the simplicity and easy accessibility of a resume. Nowadays most companies require a resume that can be ‘read’ by software programs. So. You need to be ready to submit your resume as a Microsoft Word or PDF file. Try to include some relevant keywords to your resume so that recruiters can easily find you while finding through the database.

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Be concise

No hiring manager has enough time to read a ten-page resume. They will not go through all the details you have included. Always keep in mind that while formatting your resume you have to concentrate on quality and not just quantity. Never increases the bullet points with unnecessary and irrelevant details. Every job is unique and you don’t need to include all roles and responsibilities in every type of job application. While preparing a resume for a particular job application, always try to be concise and focused.

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Check before submission

Try to proofread before submitting your resume. After completing your resume writing, take a break. Then review the resume and make corrections if needed. Be careful about any spelling and grammatical errors. Recruiters receive countless resumes and they will reject your one immediately if they find any grammatical mistakes. So, proofread at least one time before sending your resume to anyone. You can use online spelling and grammar tools in this regard.

Hope these key tips may help you to format your resume smartly.