Recently, a good portion of jobseekers have found their work via online job boards. Most of this is because of the pandemic that has forced more people to stay at home and consider doing remote work instead. Fortunately, there are a lot of online job boards that you can have a look at so you can land the perfect job for you.

First things first, prepare your CV. Some potential employers will ask you to send in a cover letter, but your CV should be your crowning glory. At the top part of your CV, you might also consider adding your career objectives. When uploading your CV online, optimize your CV so it pops up when recruiters type in certain terms and keywords. Yup, search engine optimization (SEO) can be your best friend in this case. Some recruiters will prefer the latest CVs uploaded so don’t forget to regularly update your CV, too.

There are a few well-known job boards out there that people go to look for jobs. Some of these are Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. These job boards are great because it allows you to filter out jobs based on your location, salary, experience, and so on. This then is an efficient way to find different jobs all under one website. If you’re looking to find more jobs, there are also a few other platforms that you can visit, like, Monster, Flexjobs, and ZipRecruiter. While you do have the option to just focus on one online job platform, you are free to visit as many as you wish to increase your chances of finding the right job for you.

If online job boards don’t work, try checking out social media platforms. Facebook has a jobs feature that allows businesses to post job listings. To those who are following the page, the job post will appear on their newsfeed. This is especially good for smaller businesses. Twitter is another social media platform where job openings can be posted. Luckily, due to its 280-character limit, the post will get straight to the point, so you can directly tell if the job is for you or not.

One last resort is to have a mixed approach to it. If you’ve used up all your luck in finding jobs at online job boards, try expanding your social network to have more connections. Increasing your social circle also means more chances of people recommending you for a job that they otherwise may not have recommended to you.