Environmentalists claimed that lies about climate change remain unchecked on Facebook. However, Facebook announces some new climate initiatives to face all these complaints.

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The social media giant Facebook planned to set up a “Climate Science Center”. They decided to share more facts, quizzes, and videos that can bring positive change in climate-changing. They are also going to invest $1 million in grants. All these initiatives demonstrate that they like to work for combating climate misinformation.

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But environmentalist says that the “science center” will not be able to stop posting false information about climate change. Much false information is spreading misguiding news about a wildfire that may hamper the overall global environment. Moreover, Facebook is continuously accepting advertising dollars from oil and gas companies.

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The co-chair of the climate disinformation coalition at the nonprofit Friends of the Earth (FOE) Michael Khoo shared a statement and statement stated, “Facebook knows the super-spreaders of climate disinformation and should put an end to their repetitive lies. Facebook and other tech platforms must take far stronger action to limit the super-spreaders, and not put the burden on ordinary users.”

A new report from Friends of the Earth mentioned that the top 10 “highest-performing” Facebook posts falsely blaming wind turbines for blackouts. FOE claimed that such misinformation can spread both within and outside of the platform can easily manipulate the public interest and concerns.