After the boom of AI technology in the real world, people have come close to understanding its potential. So many people think that AI is a very new concept. In reality, they have been using this technology for a long time, they just didn’t know what it is called. Here are some of the uses of AI in the real world. 


Credit: lucidpix


Self-driving and parking cars

We are familiar with self-driving cars. They are a blessing to so many people. The ultimate tech of controlling a car without an owner or driver comes from AI. It collects patterns, and suggestions from a database, and makes decisions for the car itself. 


Digital assistants

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana; are very familiar names on your devices. They operate using AI technology. You have used AI your whole life without knowing it. 


Credit: digitalogy


Robot Vacuum

The home cleaner that you think has no purpose without cleaning the dust of your home also uses AI to clean your house. It can make decisions on its own, which is enabled by AI technology. 



If you have used Uber, or a transportation app, they have a heavy influence on AI to operate. They take suggestions from the user and make useful decisions for the customers. 


Credit: analyticsinsight