Marvel fans, gather around! Episode 4 was a wild ride and revealed so many things surrounding all our theories about WandaVision, especially about Vision actually lives or not. Buckle up, cause you’re in for a wild ride. Warning: There will be spoilers ahead.

Episode 4 is called, “We Interrupt This Program” and focuses on what happens on the outside this time, instead of showing us Wanda’s glorious sitcom life. The episode opens by revealing that Monica Rambeau (a.k.a. Geraldine of Westview) was one of the millions of people who were wiped out by Thanos’ snap, or the blip as they like to call it. After Tony Stark’s tear-jerking sacrifice, Monica and the rest of the people return. However, she discovers her mother, Maria Rambeau (a.k.a Carol Danvers’ BFF), has died 3 years before.

After Monica comes to terms with that, she immediately returns to S.W.O.R.D. HQ, but finds out she is grounded, thanks to her mother’s rule that people who returned from the blip would stay grounded. So instead, Monica is asked to help out the FBI regarding a missing persons case. Monica meets up with FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (you may remember him from Ant-Man) outside the town border of Westview, which some local cops claim doesn’t exist. Monica sends in a small helicopter drone (remember the red helicopter in episode 2?), but it disappears into thin air. Against Agent Woo’s warning, Monica gets too close to the barrier, which has an energy field surrounding it, and she, too, disappears, as she gets sucked in. 24 hours later, and we’re slowly caught up with the events that we saw at the end of episode 3. The FBI set up tents outside the border as they investigate the mystery that is Westview. They bring in Darcy Lewis (Jane Foster’s assistant in Thor) to figure it out and she manages to pick up a broadcast of the WandaVision sitcom, which were the 3 previous episodes we saw.

From there we find out why Geraldine was in Westview and why she doesn’t seem to remember anything, this time from the lens of the viewers: the FBI plus Darcy. They first spot Wanda and Vision, and just like us, they, too, are confused as to why Vision is alive. They start compiling the identities of the “residents” in the show as they try to figure out WHY. Now here is where some of the easter eggs start making sense. Remember that scene in episode 2 where Wanda was beside a radio and you hear someone go, “Wanda? Who’s doing this to you?” and Wanda tries to alter things? That was agent Woo trying to talk to Wanda, with the help of Darcy. Oh, and that beekeeper? That was also sent by the FBI so they could rescue Monica.

Next, we see Jimmy and Darcy watching the third episode as they eat chips together. Suddenly, they hear “Geraldine” mention Ultron, which then reveals that she is an outsider and, as seen in episode 3, makes Wanda… angry. But Darcy and Jimmy don’t see this part and only see the ending, because according to their guesses, someone is censoring the broadcast. Then we are brought back inside Westview where we see what actually happened. Wanda blasts Monica out of Westview, which is what we saw at the end of episode 3. The next scene confirms something MCU fans have been wondering since the start of WandaVision: Is Vision actually alive? Vision walks in and asks if everything is alright, but this time we see him without all the façade. Vision appears the way he did when Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his forehead in Infinity War: dead. This brings us to the conclusion that Wanda created this bubble where she could pretend everything between her and Vision is going great and feel safe.

So now we’re all caught up with the events, both inside and outside Westview. I’m curious to see how Marvel will proceed with telling the story, whether we’ll get to see more of the outside or if the next episode will dive right back in to Westview and Wanda’s perfect life with Vision.