In today’s fast-paced world, digital skills have become increasingly important for individuals to thrive in their careers. The World Economic Forum has emphasized the significance of digital skills in the modern workplace, urging individuals to embrace these skills to stay competitive and relevant.

Digital Marketing: A Sector in High Demand

One of the industries that has been quick to adapt to technological and societal shifts is digital marketing. With over 860,000 job openings, Digital Marketing Specialist ranks among the top 10 most in-demand jobs. The most requested experience in this field includes social media, content strategy, SEO, and analytics. Online communities like TikTok have become an increasingly important part of any organization’s digital marketing strategy, making it essential for professionals in this field to be flexible and constantly learn new things.

Building Your Digital Skillset

While formal certification can be helpful, self-exploration and curiosity are critical for success in the digital world. Certify yourself on all the platforms you can and practice, even if it’s marketing yourself. This hands-on approach will help you gain valuable experience and demonstrate your commitment to staying current with the latest trends and technologies.

Cisco’s Emerging Technologies and Incubation Group

One example of a company embracing digital skills and innovation is Cisco’s Emerging Technologies and Incubation Group (ET&I). Tasked with creating and advancing new products and technologies for Cisco, ET&I employs startup thinking with a venture capital backing model. The team sets milestone-based targets akin to Series A, B, and C funding, operating under an Incubation Board of Directors who take the part of investors.

Embracing the Startup Model

Cisco grants ET&I the freedom to work without complex multi-tiered oversight, allowing the group to focus on new solutions, new markets, and innovative problem-solving. By partnering with universities, customers, and the Cisco Design Partner Program, ET&I delivers best-in-class research, next-generation solutions, and software, as well as customer co-innovation.


As the world continues to evolve, embracing digital skills is crucial for a thriving career in the modern workplace. Stay curious, keep learning, and be open to new opportunities to ensure your success in this ever-changing landscape. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. To access personalized content, create a free account and explore the license and republishing policy of World Economic Forum articles.