It is very important to avoid distractions while working. Because every interruption is responsible for breaking your concentration and often less your productivity at the workplace. A very simple way of distraction is our smartphone. Whether it rings or not it can be a major distraction in current modern culture. A study in the USA found that Americans check their phone on average 52 times a day. There are some other distractions like the temptation of the TV, the allure of the fridge, the man-made chores. Here we are trying to navigate some ways to avoid distractions.

At first, you need to identify the incident that is distracting you. If you feel that the amount of work you are performing is not satisfactory, you should work out to find what is distracting you. Think about the causes that are distracting you and disrupting your productivity.

If the phone is ringing constantly, it may be a cause of distraction. The unnecessary call may interrupt your work repeatedly. So, it is better to make your necessary call before starting work. Then, if possible, you can keep your phone in silent mode. You can check your phone after completing the task and if required you can call back to those numbers that you think are important.

Sometimes frequent email notifications or social media updates may be a cause of distractions. In this case, you should turn off the notification setting so that it could not break your concentration. Fix a particular time when you can check those. The rule of thumb is to check those a couple of times a day. So, stay focused and maximize your productivity.