Entrepreneurial intention is the most powerful driver that motivates the entrepreneur to introduce new business. Many business owners start their micro-enterprises to support their families. This necessity to earn for living later motivates them to build successful enterprises. Sometimes frustration in everyday life motivates the entrepreneur to start a new business.

But when businesses grow, entrepreneurs have to adjust their motivations. The solo owner structure of the business then shifted to a multinational company. Some certain driving factors like the sense of adventure or accommodating a growing staff motivate the founders.

An entrepreneur knows how to take risks. Because the courage to take risks brought them into the world of entrepreneurship. However this risk-taking approach is highly influenced by passion. If there is no passion, no one can or wants to take risks. So, passion is the main factor that influences the entrepreneur to take risks and innovate new ways of business.

In addition, self-reliance, the feeling of accomplishment, and personal growth are some other influential factors that provide energy to entrepreneurs. They always try to make a difference in society. Through the business intervention, they can enjoy offering services to the community. Moreover, the motivation to earn money is the most powerful driving factor that motivates business owners to run their businesses.