After being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube last year, USA’s former president has decided to establish his own social media platform. For this purpose, Mr. Trump has launched a limited version of his social-media platform, Truth Social on the US Apple App Store.

Credit: newsweek

The users mentioned that the app had similarities to Twitter However, some users claimed that they have faced difficulties during registering accounts. By the end of March, the platform was expected to be fully operational. Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) is working to establish the platform successfully. Truth Social had been now available to 500 beta testers. Donald Trump Jr shared a screenshot of his father’s first ” truth, Get ready. Your favorite president will see you soon.” Earlier Donald Trump was banned from the major social media platforms due to breaking the rules by glorifying violence.

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Truth Social had one update for “bug fixes” and it is now on version 1.0.1 on App Store. TMTG’s chief executive Devin Nunes said, “We cannot use any of the big tech companies. So we’re having to build this from scratch.” Mr. Nunes also mentioned that the Truth Social will be a “censorship-free experience”.

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However, any social media platform on the App Store and Google Play that breaks the rules has to remove the content. So, it is thought that any uncensored platform like Truth Social would be frozen out soon.