Calculating the distance between your property and your neighbor’s property is always a relevant issue. Especially for personal land plots in suburban areas. Even though all norms regarding these issues are prescribed by law, some of them are only advisory.

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Minimum legal distance requirement for multi-story residential buildings

For high-rise buildings, strict conditions, and standards are applied. Two main issues are considered while calculating the distance between two buildings. The first consideration is the current seismic situation in the area and the second one is the fire hazard or the surrounding area.

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A developer or owner is obliged to fulfill these requirements in the case of the distance between two properties. Buildings taller than 2 or 3 floors should keep a distance of 15 meters while building taller than 4 floors have to keep 20 meters of distance between the structures. Furthermore, buildings taller than 5 floors should maintain 25 meters of distance, and building taller than 9 floors need to allow distances of 45 meters. Allowing such distances makes the area safe from disaster and security issues.

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Minimum legal distance requirement for private constructions

Legal implications are mostly used in private construction sites. As developers are less knowledgeable about laws and building codes, law enforcement agencies regarding building codes are strict about it. The distance-related rules are important to maintaining. The first rule is that houses should be constructed 5 meters apart from the road. Furthermore, between each house, there should be 3 meters of distance from the fence. Distance from both houses should be 6-15 meters. Additionally, trees or small huts should be at a distance of 3-4 meters from the boundary of the property. Houses should be made in a manner that doesn’t cast a shadow on a neighbor’s property for more than 2 hours. Moreover, these distance rules mostly came from norms that are good for creating a comfortable living space.