Since the federal reserve has moved, it has left an impact on Commercial real estate. And the impact is not in a positive way. Due to the increased rate the market has faced a short-term dampening. Also, it has included an upward pressure on the floating interest rates. Only a 0.75 percentile of a rate hike of the federal reserve has impacted a great shockwave on the CRE market. Many construction companies have mentioned their uncomfortable situation with the increase in interest. They are unable to do the job.


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Why the market is going down?

The market has expected a large increase after the pandemic, but due to the higher-than-expected rate of inflation, it is going down. This is the largest hike since 1994. The change has been meaningful in a negative way, as the pricing has a 75-basis point hike. This impact will be present in other aspects of the market, like SOFR and LIBOR. As they are related to the federal funds rate. The anticipated hike will increase the borrowing cost, which will impact the market in the future.


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Other effects

From a financial aspect, the interest rate cap will also be impacted by this hike. Caps are commonly used to manage the damage done in floating rate CRE loans. Also, cap pricing structures commercial real estate loans. This means the mortgage rate will also be impacted.