Feng shui is various decorative plans that homeowners like to grow in their front yards. These are considered lucky plants that can accelerate your home’s curb appeal. According to Chinese philosophy, these plants bring good luck and prosperity to people. It’s believed that plants can gather positive energy from nature and bring happiness to life. The plant often represents a balance of elements.

A living room area where you have sufficient light and ventilation is preferable for growing the plant. A common trend is to plant them in the kitchen and washroom area to increase the home aesthetics. You can find plenty of types of Feng shui plants. These are available in verities of shapes and shades.

Generally east and southeast part of the house is preferable for the plants, but experimentation is always allowed to see which suits better for your house better. It is essential to understand the “Bagua” map of your house. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this plant can be set near the door. One important thing that needs to be maintained while decorating the house with Feng Shui plants. There are some bad Feng Shui plants and you need to avoid those. Because it can radiate negative energy into the house.

These plants require less care and nurture. Watering them every other day is good enough. No need for direct sunlight is also a common trait in these trees. Airflow is helpful for them to grow at their own pace, but it is not mandatory.