The young generation is entering the lucrative world of data science. Because data science is getting popular among job candidates.  As it is an in-demand and well-paid field, many job seekers are trying to grow their careers in this sector.

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Data scientists mainly perform sophisticated analytical tasks. It is a vital position in any technology-based firm. Nowadays most businesses are online-based or operating a wide scale of business online. So, data scientists are becoming in-demand expertise for these business organizations too. Tech firms, as well as business organizations, are searching for people with proper data science knowledge.

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According to Recruitment firm PageGroup, companies are offering six-figure salaries for staff to slice and dice data.  They also mentioned that annual salaries for data scientists are between £60,000-150,000. But the job position indeed covers a huge range of disciplines and responsibilities.

A technology specialist at PageGroup, James Hobson said, “there are different interpretations of what constitutes a data scientist”. According to a LinkedIn report, data science vacancies were growing at 37% in the USA.

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Soft skills will lead the future workplace. That’s why researcher Euan Davis said, “Data science used to be a very dry job. It was seen as nerdy but now it’s creative. Communication matters because you have to sell what you uncover and that means telling stories around data.”

He also added, “The data science position is becoming a hybrid role. Now it’s about being a trusted advisor. The data scientist has to be able to read the data in a way that tells something important to business executives.”