People love to make jokes about people who have a Fine arts degree. At the end of this major, there are a lot of career opportunities that other people don’t know about. Here are some lucrative careers for BFA majors.

Music director

If you are someone who has obtained a degree in musical theater and has an understanding of how music works, this job is perfect for you. The music industry has entered into a period that requires new talent with technical efficiency.


This is a job for people who are good at art and drawing stuff. Businesses and corporations require advertisements that are done by these illustrators. This can be a great job opportunity for people with BFA majors.

Web designer

This is a job for those people who are good at creating art and also have an understanding of technology. Web designing is something that requires imagination and creativity. A Fine art major can understand that easily and invest that in their work.

Art teacher

This is something that many people dream about. Being an art teacher is fulfilling and worth every hassle. If you are someone who loves to teach and work with people, this is the perfect career option for you.