In a recent interview, one of the world’s richest people Bill Gates shared his statement about the ongoing conspiracy theories about him. He also reacted to Elon Musk’s recent public criticism of him.

Credit: today

Last week Elon Musk insulted Mr. Gates on Twitter. Musk has argued that Tesla which is making electric cars undermines Bill Gates’ environmental philanthropy. Bill Gates is working on climate change and global warming issues for years. Recently he said that shorting Tesla was environmentally damaging. He said, “The popularity of electric cars will lead to more competition for selling those cars. So, there’s a difference between electric cars being adopted, and companies becoming infinitely valuable.”

Recently Elon Musk had a bid to buy Twitter. Mr. Gates said about this incident, “You know, Elon, I guess it’s possible. Twitter could be worse. But it also could be better… So I have a wait and see attitude.”

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Mr. Gates always has had a great interest in social media. These social media played the main role behind his conspiracy theories against him. Mr. Gates is working as an advocate of vaccines. He has invested billions of dollars to accelerate the vaccination program all around the world. There are some unfounded claims that he is trying to track people. He explained this claim, “In some ways, you almost have to laugh because it’s so crazy. I mean, do I really want to track people? You know, I spend billions on vaccines, I don’t make money on vaccines, vaccines save lives.”

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Mr. Gates and his wife Melinda French Gates got a divorce last year. Bill Gates also stated about this divorce, “My life is very different. My kids are gone from the house, the last one left for college a year ago. The divorce is very hard. It was a tough year.”