Identity theft becomes an ever-growing problem for decades. Now in this pandemic situation, the number of identity thieves has doubled in a year. Due to advanced technology and pandemic situations, it becomes harder to struggle against identity theft. So, you must know the right ways to protect your online identity during this pandemic.

Well, here are some of the best steps you can follow to avoid identity thieves. Let’s have a look.


Regular account checking

The best practice is to check your bank accounts every day. If not possible, try to check every alternative day. You should check both savings and credit card accounts. Fix a time in the morning to look over your accounts so that you can ensure the correct balance or can notice any unauthorized activity in your accounts.


Use different passwords

You shouldn’t use the same passwords for each account. Try to create a strong password that can protect you from being hacked. Always try to change it regularly. Because the same password may increase the risk of being hacked. As our daily lives now moving online, it is very important to make every account secure.


Use VPN service

VPN is a simple and effective way to secure your internet connection. It can help you to encrypt your data. Any strong and trusted VPN service may prevent your personal information from being stolen.

Never share personal information

While sharing any personal information, try to verify whether it is authentic and reliable or not. Try to avoid sharing personal information on social media accounts. Any identifying information that you are sharing on a public forum may increase the risk of being hacked by an online thief.


Contact your bank immediately

If you find any unauthorized transaction or any suspicious activity, make a call to your bank immediately. Your bank may help you to end up losing your money. Your bank may provide you more information about any transaction.