Due to a shortage of housing, homebuyers will face high competition. Particularly entry-level home buyers have to be ready for a bidding war. The housing choices will also be limited. Here we are recommending the best places to purchase a home in the US in 2022.

Tampa Florida is one of the hottest areas in the real estate market. Due to high job growth and resistance to economic impacts home buyers prefer to buy a home in this area in the US. It is also less expensive than last year’s top cities such as Austin and Phoenix.

Another bright spot of the US real estate market in Jacksonville. People want to buy a home in this city to enjoy the suburban lifestyle. Those who like to avoid crowded urban living in an expensive big city choose this area.

Even though the house price is higher in Rayleigh is higher than in other areas, it can be a good investment for home buyers. This vibrant market town offers plenty of opportunities for its inhabitants like excellent rail and road connections and beautiful views across the countryside.

Charlotte is another good place to invest for home buyers. Because the appreciation rate was around 3.01% in the last quarter of 2021. It is not only the country’s fastest-growing metro area but also the second fastest-growing city in the southeastern United States. Those who are interested in cashing out and selling off their property should consider Charlotte.