Condos and single-family houses are the same in the sense that both of them are residential properties. But there are a few things that owners can’t have fully if they live in condos.

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Separate homes offer lots of space in the house. Not only indoors, but homeowners can also enjoy the space outside and around the house as well. Due to the spacious area, rooms are celebrity spread through the confined area. And always there is an option to expand. But in a condo situation, space is an issue. Condos are compacted and space-saving. Often people find that they don’t have enough space for living.

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Family houses provide a sense of privacy. You can do as you wish in the house as long as it is not creating any nuisance for the neighbors. And sometimes it is possible to arrange parties that don’t even disturb the next-door neighbors. But privacy is not a common thing in condos. In a condo setting, you have to live with other condo owners in a shared area. Some amenities have to be shared with others as per rules. So, expecting privacy in that area is not realistic.

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Getting a mortgage for the house is a bit easier if you are applying for a family house. If you invest some time or have a connection with people in the banks, you can find great deals on the interest rate. But finding loans for purchasing condos is always hard. Due to its market nature, banks are usually not interested in providing loans for it.