To stop AirTag tracking misuse, Apple plans to introduce a number of changes. The tech giant wants to stop using AirTags for tracking someone’s position. Apple launched AirTags last year and since then the small, circular devices are getting popular. Users can easily carry it easily to find any lost item like luggage or keys. But many people misuse these devices to track people by being hidden in a car.

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The button-sized devices AirTag were designed to locate lost items. The users can use it with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network. But a number of women complained that they have been followed using AirTags. That’s why the company has decided to make changes to the device. Now it can identify any suspicious tags and is able to alert users accordingly when they are traveling with AirTags.

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However, now every user while setting their AirTag for the first time will see a message warning. It wants to raise awareness among people that tracking people without their consent is a crime. iPhone users as well as Android users received “unwanted tracking” alerts when an unknown AirTag moves with them.

The AirTags devices are relatively new. Even Apple has to work more to get the best output from these devices. Apple also planning to emit louder noises of these AirTags.

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Apple said, “products to provide a great experience, but also with safety and privacy in mind”, adding that it was “committed to listening to feedback and innovating to make improvements that continue to guard against unwanted tracking”. They also mentioned, “based on our knowledge and on discussions with law enforcement, incidents of AirTag misuse are rare; however, each instance is one too many”.