Amazon has decided to set up three new heavy-lift rockets for its broadband project. This Kuiper project will put thousands of satellites into low earth orbit over the next five years. The main aim is to provide broadband connections by a constellating total of 3,236 satellites.

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Though rival Starlink already has more than 2,300 satellites in orbit, Amazon secured these rockets for the broadband project. Amazon said that the rockets will be made by Arianespace, Blue Origin. This company was also founded by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and United Launch Alliance.

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The senior vice-president for Amazon Devices & Services shared a statement where he announced the news of the new deal. The statement stated, “Project Kuiper will provide fast, affordable broadband to tens of millions of customers in unserved and underserved communities around the world.”

So, it seems that project Kuiper will play an important role in the future to provide high-speed, low-latency broadband to the different levels of customers worldwide. All sectors including households, businesses, government agencies, disaster relief operations, mobile operators, and other organizations are expected to enjoy more reliable internet connectivity through this project. Because this broadband system will use advanced technology to connect people via a terminal that communicates with the satellites.

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Amazon explained this mission as “the largest commercial procurement of launch vehicles in history”. It is also planning to work on two “prototype” missions later this year. Another satellite internet firm OneWeb decided to use SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets. It is part-owned by the British government and has lost access to the Russian-built Soyuz rockets after the invasion of Ukraine.