China’s telecommunications regulator claimed that Alibaba Cloud did not report Log4shell to The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in time. That’s why the Chinese regulator decided to pause the partnership with this firm.

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The firm’s engineers discovered the Log4shell security flaw. The Chinese regulator authority said that the company alerted the foundation overseeing the flawed code. However, Alibaba Cloud has not yet shared its statement on the suspension. This firm is a part of the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba Group.

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Log4Shell is a name of security flaw used by Log4j software. It is a widely used Log4j software that is overseen by the Apache Software Foundation. This software is used for logging or recording events. Millions of computers utilize this software while running online services. However, this flaw is considered one of the worst discovered in the last ten years.

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China Daily wrote about the suspension, “The company failed to effectively support the ministry’s efforts to manage cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities”. According to the 21st Century Business Herald article, the suspension by the MIIT will be reviewed in six months. Reuters reported about the suspension, “highlights Beijing’s desire to strengthen control over key online infrastructure and data in the name of national security”.