A growing number of investors are interested in purchasing real estate properties. Although there are so many benefits of rental houses, there are many downsides to it.


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 Advantages of rental properties


Passive Income

Most homebuyers buy rental homes because of their passive income. It doesn’t take much effort to make money out of rental houses. Unless you are not paying for the house with cash, this is a dream situation for many owners. Moreover, over time this rent increases, and owners can have other benefits from it.


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 Low risk of vacancies

The rental market is very high all the time. During the pandemic situation, people are more interested in rental homes. So, this is why there is no shortage of renters. Even if the economic situation falls, people are still going to need places to live. For a shortage of living space, there will always be people who would want a place to rent.


Disadvantages of rental properties


Being a landlord is not for everyone

Being a landlord is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and management skills to deal with the renters. Additionally, there is the possibility of tenants calling in the middle of the night for lost keys. Often landlords have to solve issues of tenants. They have to deal with the personal issues of renters, sometimes it gets too ugly.


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Tenants create issues

Renters are usually cooperative. But some renters make the experience of being landlords a living hell. The stress they go through to maintain their tenants is insane. Often the landlords have to go through police issues during the most stressful time. Moreover, some renters do not pay the rent on time, which is very problematic.